It was my first project designing a postcard invite for this fashion show fundraiser benefitting the Hollywood Sunset Free Clinic.  It’s a red carpet event so I’m a bit curious and would like to see it for myself.  The theme is whimsical and edgy similar to Alice and Wonderland really emphasizing “funky.

I saw the postcard invite tacked on a bulletin at Trails Cafe in Griffith Park 🙂


my friend is getting married this year.  I asked her what her favorite moments with george was and she had no problem writing each one in detail.  I love that she can remember the small and great moments with her fiance.  My favorite of these are their first date.   see the rest here   —>  wine labels

Melanie and George asked me to design their invitations.  I was honored to do it considering how long I’ve known Mel.  Their wedding is taking place at Huntington Beach and they wanted to show how their relationship was supported through their faith.  I imagined a man and woman sitting on a rock in the middle of the ocean.

take a look at the registry card!

i designed my first zine!  I have to say, it’s one of my favorite projects.  My friend helped me think of the name inDIY which stands for independent do it yourself.  I first noticed this large DIY movement in music.  Indie Folk Music truly made me think of the Do It Yourself attitude.  I researched artists like Vernon Bon Iver and Fitzsimmons who both created their own records, one who even relocated to his father’s cabin in north wisconsin.  I was impressed.  I started thinking about other indie folk artists, the community, the food they made and ate together, the goods and pieces of art they created.  All of this contributed to my zine.

zine cover

table of contents

my fav page

william fitzsimmons - indie music

Indie Folk Singer-Songwriters Hand Record Music, Raw and Authentic

Take a look at the entire zine through this —> inDIY zine

my former coworker and friend asked me to design a logo for her photography business.  Without even seeing any of my design work, she believed that I would produce something good.  I was thankful for this opportunity and loved seeing photos of babies and young children while gathering ideas.